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DVA is located at the heart of London’s busiest shopping centre, Westfield Stratford city ,we have been offering our clients a wide range of treatments including DVA signature treatments for lashes and brows. DVA also has a range of products to compliment our services. These Products are made with pride, developed and manufactured in the UK.

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HairFX  Hair Chalk - 6 Piece Assorted Pack - DVA Beautique London
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Direction & Instructions

Essentials: Bath Robe/Cape, Spray Bottle, Brush, Heated Tongs, hair Clips

    1. Select and section hair to be chalked.

For light hair types it may not be necessary to wet hair before chalking, these hair types take colours very easily and by wetting hair you increase the pigmentation take up and the colours will last longer even after several washes like hair dye.

For darker hair types it is essential to wet hair using mists of water from a spray bottle, this helps the hair to take on the pigmentation by doubling the intake onto the hair but even so not in the way these are taken up on blonde or lighter hair types. For red hair types it may not be essential to wet hair, it would be a matter of preference and trialling what suits your hair style better.

For really fun and funky chalking why not use two colours on the same hair strands, this creates imaginative and individual hair shade which will stand out, we call it Tie-Dyed!

To remove colours from chalked hair it is a good idea to brush the hair with a soft brush before showering, to remove as much pigment as possible before using shampoo. Use clarifying shampoo to remove colours from chalked hair, remember that blonde hair types which used water would need several washes to remove the pigmentation. It is essential to use a deep conditioner on hair that has been chalked, this will replenish hair moisture recovery from the chalking process.  


Hair Chalkin Tong - developed to quickly apply colour directly onto hair with a single swift swipe through with the tong, create subtle or vibrant highlights on selected hair strands or dare to go wild and bold, knowing all the while that these colours wash straight out with one shampoo.


Essentials: Bath Robe/Cape, Brush, Hair Spray, Optional Heated Tongs

    1. Select and section hair to be coloured, swipe through the applicator as if using a heated hair tong. The tong applicator tool will release colour pigmentation directly onto hair. Its is optional to use either regular hair spray or heated hair straighteners to seal colours better.
    2. To remove colour simply shampoo out, where heated tongs were applied to seal the a further couple more washes maybe required.   
HairFX Swirl Colour Series - DVA Beautique London HairFX Swirl Colour Series - DVA Beautique London
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The Swirl Colour series is an instant wipe on, wipe off colour applicator tool. Whether for fun or a particular style it's just for the occasion so washes straight out.

Directions For Use

Drape a towel around shoulders to protect cloths during the application in case the powders disperses.
On short hair styles simply rub the Swirl into the hair in a circular motion.
On longer hair styles place the Swirl on the hair to be coloured and use the thumb at the back so that the hair is in between the Swirl and the thumb, then slide through to deliver colour to hair.
After application use hairspray to lock in the colour, a heated hair tong can also be applied to the coloured hair to seal the and lock colours but this may require additional shampoos to remove the colour, particular in those who have lighter hair shades.

Pro Tong Replacement Heads are instantly interchangeable, simply pop off and replace or switch between heads to create your personal look and style.

Instantly change hair colour with the HairFX Professional Tong.


A stylish compact tool that incorporates interchangeable colouring heads.


Simply select the section of hair to be coloured, slide the tong through with the desired attached colouring head and presto 'instant colour, with no commitment'.


To wash out just use your regular shampoo, its as simple as that.   

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