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DVA Beautique
About Us

DVA is located at the heart of London’s busiest shopping centre, Westfield Stratford city ,we have been offering our clients a wide range of treatments including DVA signature treatments for lashes and brows. DVA also has a range of products to compliment our services. These Products are made with pride, developed and manufactured in the UK.

DVA Lashes

A Variety of Lash Treatments for any Occasion. Click here for more on our Signature Treatments!

DVA Quik Lash
DVA Quik Lash Extensions

Our popular express service where individual lashes are applied with a odourless and fumeless glue which helps application time. Choice from a natural or Volume look. Last upto 3 weeks. You may require only one infill and this has to be between between 7-10 days after application.

DVA Classic Lash Extensions

False lashes are slightly thicker and longer than your own natural lash. Each individual natural lash will have a false lash applied. Most natural looking eyelash extensions. lasts 6/8 weeks. infills requires every 2/3 weeks.

Hybrid Lashes
DVA Hybrid Lash Extensions

50% classic individual cases and 50% Russian fan lashes. This look is more full then classic but not as thick and fluffy as DVA Russian lashes. Perfect for Day and Night. lasts 6/8 weeks. Infills required every 2/3 weeks.

Russian Lashes
DVA Russian Lashes

These are volume and dramatic lash extensions. Thick, fuller and fluffier lashes are created by applying 3 to 6 extremely fine lashes to each individual natural lash. lasts 6/8 weeks. infills required every 2/3 weeks.

DVA Lash Lift
DVA Lash Lift

Length-lift-volume (LVL) is created by using a setting serum and a rod mat to enhance a curl in the natural lashes. the lift creates lashes to look longer. Tint can also be applied to the lashes to create a mascara look to make lashes look thicker and fuller. Perfect for those who do not wish to apply lash extensions or those who want to take break from lash extensions. Lasts 6/8 weeks.

Lash Tint
Lash Tint

Creates mascara look. Lasts 4/6 weeks.

DVA Lash Extensions
DVA Strip Lashes

A variety of natural and volume strip lashes in different designs to choice from, with DVA application.

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