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DVA Beautique
About Us

DVA is located at the heart of London’s busiest shopping centre, Westfield Stratford city ,we have been offering our clients a wide range of treatments including DVA signature treatments for lashes and brows. DVA also has a range of products to compliment our services. These Products are made with pride, developed and manufactured in the UK.

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The Swirl Colour series is an instant wipe on, wipe off colour applicator tool. Whether for fun or a particular style it's just for the occasion so washes straight out.

With the trio pack you have the freedom to create and personalise your own style with the pink, purple and blue shades which are the most popular in the HairFX range.

Directions For Use

Drape a towel around shoulders to protect cloths during the application in case the powders disperses.

On short hair styles simply rub the Swirl into the hair in a circular motion.

On longer hair styles place the Swirl on the hair to be coloured and use the thumb at the back so that the hair is in between the Swirl and the thumb, then slide through to deliver colour to hair.

After application use hairspray to lock in the colour, a heated hair tong can also be applied to the coloured hair to seal the and lock colours but this may require additional shampoos to remove the colour, particular in those who have lighter hair shades.

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